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Client Testimonials

We get great satisfaction in knowing that we've done our job well.

At KAS Lawn Solutions, we're committed to going above and beyond to create amazing experiences for our clients, and our mission is to make that happen, no matter what. The payoff from all our hard work is a happy customer who is willing to share their experience with others. Read what our clients have to say about their experience with KAS Lawns
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“My yard has never looked this good, and if you know me, I'm a complete freak about my yard. I have had two different companies trying to thicken and green up my yard with no good results. I thought I would give David Kay, owner of KAS Lawn Solutions, a try. In only a few months, I could tell he was on the right path – my lawn was already greener and thicker. I'm so excited to see his good results continue throughout the year.”


Kyle W. / Adrian




KAS Lawn Solutions came to my rescue!! They came out and talked about what we needed to do, and we started fixing the soil and getting more nutrients in the ground. I had been using a different company that would never show up and you wouldn't see any results after applications. KAS knocked it out of the park! They were on time, knowledgeable, respectful, and not pushy. KAS Lawn Solutions figured out what my yard needed and customized a treatment plan to get the yard going again. We saw a huge difference after only one application. I highly recommend KAS Lawn Solutions for all of your lawn needs! #Should'veCalledKASLawnSolutionsFirst!!!

Chad Harkness

“Change nothing, David. You are the consummate professional, and we are pleased to recommend you to everyone. Our beautiful lawn speaks volumes!”

Larry D. / Tecumseh


“I decided to give KAS Lawn Solutions a call. Dave came right away, did everything he said he would do, and then followed-up to make sure my lawn responded as it should. It had been a while since we had anything done to the yard, so it was in pretty bad shape. He is working hard to fix that, and it's beginning to show. I am so happy and excited to have Dave Kay and KAS Lawn Solutions fixing my yard!” 

Sandy K. / Adrian


"My lawn has improved so much in just one application, compared to a whole season of applications from a previous lawn care company. My yard looks gorgeous. Thank you!"

Mary H. / Adrian


“KAS Lawn Solutions is very professional and has a better-than-expected response time. We were notified ahead of time with a time window on our treatments and sent a link to pay online after service. There was no hard sell or pushy phone calls, and I love how the plan was custom-made for what our lawn needed. It takes a lot to impress me and to exceed my expectations, but KAS has done it!! Thank you!”

Kevon B. / Blissfield


“I tried KAS Lawn Solutions last fall after trying the usual local companies that promised results but seldom deliver. After a 1:1 meeting, KAS put together a customized plan for my lawn, not a one-size-fits-all like most others, and my lawn has never looked greener. Great customer service, great results.”


Jesse O. / Tecumseh


“KAS Lawn Solutions is treating my yard this year, and I am so happy with the service and quality of the applications. Great customer service, easy to work with, and the communication on when they will be available is top-notch. Not to mention my yard looks amazing, and it's only the middle of May. I highly recommend this company for your yard needs.”

Anthony R. / Tecumseh


“I've been looking for a company to fertilize and spray for weeds around my home and shop for a while and have spent so much of my own time seeding and prepping. Then, one day while scrolling through Facebook, I saw an ad for KAS Lawn Solutions, so I decided to call. I met with David Kay, and we put a treatment plan together. I have never seen my lawn thicker or greener since he started this spring. He has done everything he promised and more! I would definitely recommend KAS Lawn Solutions.” 

Justin B. / Adrian


“I highly recommend KAS Lawn Solution. Their customer service is great, and they are truly committed to exceeding your expectations. My grass has never been greener!”

Gina H. /Adrian

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